Digital "My Croak File"

Digital "My Croak File"

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This package provides you with an easy way to fill in the questions on your computer.  *Remember to SAVE THE PDF FORMS OFTEN as you fill them out. 

(If you would prefer to purchase our printed paper version, please click HERE.)

Included are:

  1. Instructions to complete your "My Croak File"
  2. BEFORE I CROAK file:
    1. My Medical Information
    2. My Emergency Contacts
    3. My Medications
    4. My Personal Preferences
    5. My Checklist of "to-dos"
  3. AFTER I CROAK file:
    1. Casket, Cremation, Composting & Cadaver Conversations
    2. Pets & Priceless Possessions
    3. Passwords, PINs & Pocketbooks
    4. Love Notes
    1. Conversation Starters: 101 Questions!
    2. YOUR US state's AARP Advance Directive documents