The Lung Cancer 101 eBook ~FREE~

The Lung Cancer 101 eBook ~FREE~

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When my daughter was dying of Lung Cancer, the researcher in me emerged.  Hours not spent creating memories or cleaning up vomit were focused on learning more about this disease.  I wanted the information in a one-stop-shop.  I couldn’t find it - so I took what I learned, and this is my gift to you!

Differences between the types of lung cancer? 52 questions to ask the oncologist, when to choose whole brain radiation or gamma-knife, and online support group options?  Covered.  

The advances in immunotherapy opportunities in the last few years (after decades of stagnant research and treatment advances) are inspiring!  Ask your doctor what might work for you or your loved one! 

And with this free book – in layman’s language – I encourage you to learn and be an educated patient!